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WELCOME TO THE BRAND NEW RUMBLE ROBOTS TOURNAMENT! Fight against other robots in a real-time PvE fighting game. In Rumble Robots: Extreme 1v1 Robot battle fight You can select your robot to defeat the opponent robot. All Rumbots have unique abilities to make all the battle more intense. Choose the right rumbot to counteract different strategies and opponent’s tactics and win the battle the Battle! Control your favorite robot with just one hand and have an awesome fighting game experience for your mobile device! Unleash the limit of your skil! -Cool gameplay; -Cool PvE;

Wave Killers

为您提供Wave Kil应用描述查询,Wave Kil应用截图,Wave Kil应用包信息以及Wave Kil版本记录查询等服务。

,《Rumble Robotsapp开发程序公司》
《Rumble Robotsapp开发程序公司》